How the American citizens can obtain a visa for Brazil

The Brazilian visa for Americans can be requested electronically. The company that deals with this is VFS Global, authorized by the government to issue Brazilian visas to Americans who want to visit the country.

The eVisa is an electronic type of visa that can be requested by Australian, Japanese, Canadian and US citizens. You can apply for the eVisa if you fit the conditions mentioned below:

  • You intend to go to Brazil as a Visitor.
  • Your stay in Brazil will not exceed 90 days.
  • You hold an Australian or Japanese or Canadian or US passport.

Follow the steps:

  • Provide the Application details and Documents needed.
  • Pay the fee online.
  • Download the e-Visa.

You can submit your application through the VFS website or over phone. The first step of the eVisa application is to register on the website or on the mobile app. Provide all the requested information.

Note: If you are a minor it may be necessary to upload additional documents, including documents and personal data.

You have to upload the following documents: photo, passport bio page and address page (non-mandatory).

The fee payment is the last step of your application process after submitting your details and the other mandatory documents. The eVisa fees to be paid for Visitor Visa would be (inclusive of all charges) as follows:

  • Visa fee: USD 40
  • Service fee: USD 4.24

The processing time of the eVisa is usually of five business days. However, the Brazilian Embassies or Consulate General will close for business on public holidays in 2019. The processing time may take longer during the closures.

Official website:

If you have any questions, please let us know. We will be happy to help you!