Frauds involving Brazilian Treasury Bonds – How to Prevent

There are currently many frauds involving LTN securities issued in 1970. The LTN and other Federal Public Debt securities offerings are quite routine, with the false promise that they may be used to suspend and / or terminate tax debts, as well as collateral in tax foreclosures.

The National Treasury has received frequent consultations regarding the possibility of redemption, exchange, conversion (in NTN-A or other securities), payment of tax debts or several operations involving National Treasury Bills (LTN), allegedly issued in the 1970s and in the form printed (cartular, in Portuguese).

The possibility of performing these operations is offered, including expert reports, with calculations that attribute the securities to high values. Often these LTNs are accompanied by false documents called “TRR” and “RAM” screen, documents that have NEVER been issued by the National Treasury. The inclusion of alleged codes CODIV / SELIC or CODIV / CETIP, Process no. 00000000.000000 / 20XX.000.000, or even ISIN code, are some of the attempts to “heat up” the supposed title.

There is no possibility of bookkeeping, listing, exchange, redemption, custody, payment of taxes or any other type of operation with the public sector involving such securities.

All paper LTNs with the above characteristics are FALSE, even when accompanied by correspondence supposedly signed by servers of the National Treasury Secretariat.

Translated and adapted from the site of the Brazilian National Treasury

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